Sunday, June 30, 2013

What a SUMMER!

Wow, we just got back from Ethiopia to visit Domi's new baby sister Aubrey! Our court date was on Monday, June 17 and all went very well. We did have plenty of free time the rest of the week and hired a recommended guide named Joel to show us around. We visited the National Museum and had a great docent who told us about the history of Ethiopia, art and culture and of course shared the discovery of "Lucy" - skeletal remains that advanced the study of evolution. We then had a wonderful lunch at Lucy's CafĂ©, great food and beautiful restaurant.

We also visited Entonto Mountain and Museum, as well as St. Mary's church and the castle of late Emperor Menelik II. So much amazing history in Ethiopia! We picked up some postcards to frame and put in Aubrey's room. We also shopped at the Post Office shops and enjoyed bartering for our goodies, Dominic was a pro with his charming ways and walked away with good deals on Ethiopia soccer jerseys for him and Dan! Aubrey will be raised to be proud of her heritage!

One of my favorite excursions was our visit to the Former Women Fuelwood Carriers Association (FWFCA) compound. You can read more about them here Basically, these women would gather pieces of wood and bundle them on their back, carry them long distances up and down mountains and sell them to provide for their families. These loads were extremely heavy and physically demanding. The Connected in Hope organization helped find the compound and set up weaving looms so these ladies could make scarves and baskets and become artisans as a new livelihood. We bought several scarves that are so lovely, and are so touched by this amazing story!

We have only been home a week but managed to squeeze in a play date with Ethan, saw Shrek the Musical and had dinner at Brio with Janel. Good to be home and enjoying summer despite the heat!