Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring Happenings

Last week Domi's school had an art fair and Spring Concert. Of course we purchased his framed self-portrait, very sweet! This week his class went to the Aquarium for a field trip and had Field Day on Friday. Here are some very sweet photos of Domi with his classmates - enjoy!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Our Basketball Star AND Fashion Trend Setter

On Friday evening we went my nephew's Special Olympics track meet. We are so proud of Joey, he won gold medals in both of his events!
Dominic enjoyed a birds eye view  of the track events on Dan's shoulders, a sweet picture.
Dominic is loving his first season of basketball. He just played his second game on Saturday and scored two baskets, he scored one in his first game too so he is on an upward trend. We think we are going to let him play next season too since it is indoors and he loves it so much.

He also is rocking these very odd and long socks in these pictures. We did not order them with his uniform but his coach had an extra pair he gave to us. Most kids skip them, scrunch them down or roll them down because they are so long. But Dominic decided to wear them up his entire leg, they are like women's thigh high stockings (who wears those dreadful things???). I say "You let your crazy little freak flag fly Dominic, you fly it high and proud!". :)