Sunday, December 9, 2012

Winter 2012

Busy and fun time of year for sure! In mid-November Domi particpated in his firt swim-a-thon at Scottsdale Aquatic Club, he is the youngest kid on the team! He beat his goals, he planned to swim 40 laps and raise $250 but he actually swam 104 laps and raised over $600! Way to go Domi!

The day before Thanksgiving his school had Grandparents Day and my Dad and Dan attended mass with him, and made decorations in the classroom. I joined the fun afterwards to watch the very sweet Thanksgiving kindergarten performance.

Last weekend we headed to the North Pole Experience in Flagstaff to tour Santa's Workshop. We usually do the Polar Express train ride in Williams, so this was a new experience for us. We really liked the hotel and had a blast on the two horse drawn sleigh ride, my Mom and Dad were with us and we sang Christmas carols on the ride. Then we headed to the workshop and really had a great time, Domi was thrilled with each and every room that featured a different part of the toy making process. We also made toys for charity which was very special.

The hotel had their grounds gorgeously decorated and had a two mile hiking trail in the woods just behind the building. We had fun hiking, taking pictures and laughing as Domi directed us to take photos of him acting like Big Foot!

Yesterday we went to see "Junie B: Jingle Bells, Batman Smells" and had a great time! The Childsplay organization did a great job and we really like the Temper Center for the Arts venue. Of course we left with two souveneirs, a jingle hat and Junie B glasses.