Sunday, November 4, 2012

Early November Happenings

First of all, I did *NOT* forget Halloween... life is cray-cray when you have an active 5 year old! :) He enjoyed trick-or-treating with cousin Joey first, and then with his pal Ethan. Such a fun night! Isn't he is a dolly???

The morning after Halloween, his school held an All Saints Litany. Each child chose a saint and not to be too obvious, but I signed him up for St. Dominic. Some other Moms teased me about this, but I say "If the halo fits...". :) It was a darling and touching ceremony, and *YES* I did cry!

Yesterday was a beautiful November day here in AZ and the wonderful weather provided the perfect setting for us to complete our first Walk to End Alzheimer's. The three mile walk flew by and it was so well organized, we plan to complete this walk every year! We were so touched by all the people who showed up to walk; babies, senior citizens using walkers, and even disabled people rolling their own wheelchairs. We were all so different yet shared one thing in common, our love and support of someone with Alzheimer's disease.
Our someone is of course is my Dad. I wore a picture of him around my neck and touched it throughout the walk, we were there in his honor. We were each given an ornamental flower that was planted in a beautiful memory garden. We labeled each of our flowers with my Dad's name, what a gorgeous and touching garden was made!
We are hopeful the funds that were raised will continue to support advancements in treatment for this disease.