Monday, September 3, 2012

Easing into fall...

Summer was long since Dominic didn't start school until August 21, but it still seemed to fly by. We managed to take a 5 day vacation to CA and had a blast at California Adventure, Disneyland and the beaches - Newport and Laguna. The weather was hot, but other than Cars Land we did not have to wait in any lines for too long.

Domi is big enough to ride roller coasters so we had fun on the Matterhorn, Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Cars, Goofy's Flying School and Star Wars. We even rode the Matterhorn twice because Domi loved the "big, scary monster with red eyes". We had dinner at a nice restaurant in CA Adventure and received premium seating tickets for The World of Color, it was such a  unique and fun water show.

Somehow, my rule about one souvenir only got shoved to the side and we came home with not only a GIANT Disneyland monorail (it is pretty cool), but also a custom made Lightening McQueen complete with remote control. The Disney Marketplace has this very fun store where you pick your car, tire, accessories, etc. and assemble it yourself. It was a fun experience, I told Dan we need to open one of those stores because boys and girls were THRILLED to build their custom cars as Moms and Dads saw dollar signs flash across their eyeballs! :)

We did a beach tour and visited Newport Beach, where we took a fun boat ride and saw lots of sea lions and grand homes of famous people. There were THOUSANDS of junior lifeguards training that day and I was amazed at how athletic some very young kids were. It seemed like an awesome program for kids, and how fun would it be to go to camp at the beach every day? Laguna Beach was crowded and full of seaweed, but the water felt refreshing.

Dominic started kindergarten at Blessed Pope John XXIII on August 21 and is loving his school! He looks very handsome in his uniform and LOVES his new "big boy backpack", it is almost as big as he is! He is still swimming and recently had tryouts for the Scottsdale Aquatic Club, it is a competitive swim team that produces a lot of star athletes. We are so PROUD to share that he made the team! He will be training 3-4 days/week, a HUGE commitment but he loves to swim, and we are doing other activities too like drama camp at Desert Stages Theater. He is a busy boy, but so fit and happy. Just a complete JOY in our lives! :)