Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hot Fun in the Summertime...

We had a very fun 4th of July celebration at the Compass Grill in the Hyatt Regency downtown. The restaurant is about 15 stories up and rotates around the entire city so we were able to see four or five different fireworks shows, including the big one at the baseball stadium. It was a fun but very late evening.

Dominic qualified for the semi-final league Championships and we had a very HOT day on Monday at the Arrowhead Country Club. Dominic swam his best time in the backstroke, and is in the top 10 for 5 year old swimmers in the league in backstroke and freestyle. His league has 13 teams, so this is a big accomplishment, we are proud as peacocks! The sweetest part is his laughter and smiles DURING his races, we just wonder how well he would do if he would get serious! But we know that will come in time, it all starts with a love of the sport and he has that in spades.

He has one last meet on Saturday, July 21. This is another Championship meet for the three teams in North Scottsdale and he has an excellent chance of placing in the top 3 for freestyle and backstroke. He just finished reading camp last weekend and is now in drama camp at the Desert Stages Theater near Scottsdale Mall. We are trying to build his confidence when meeting new adults, he takes to other kids like a fly on honey, especially girls!!! Maye it's the other way around, he is a looker, heheheh! He will have an end of camp performance, I believe they are doing a performance of "Grease", it should be very sweet.
We are headed to vacation a few weeks before school starts and then the BIG K!! So many good times to look forward to!