Sunday, May 20, 2012

Our Little Champion Swimmer!

Dominic made swim team at his club AquaSafe and we had a great time at his 1st swim meet yesterday! There were cheers, tears and ribbons. :) We did not know what to expect, the meet was at a pool we had never been to before so we had chairs, a cooler, umbrellas, etc., and yes we did remember to bring our son too! :)
It was jam packed and hectic, and when Dominic had to warm up I was *shocked* that they had him do six laps, 25 yards each. He is awesome at freestyle, not bad at backstroke and a downright beginner in butterfly. He exerts so much energy trying the butterfly I think he tired out doing that in warm-up. I was nervous and anxious for him. They called his first heat 20 minutes later and I was crying, I was a hot mess! I approached his coach and croaked out, "please let him start in the pool, he doesn't know how to dive". She just looked at me because of course she knows that, she told me "he can choose to jump or start in the water". Sure enough, he jumped in and swam his heart out in freestyle - a very close race and he did great! He got out of the pool, sat in my lap and complained of being cold, wanting to go home, being hungry, anything and everything to get out of the next race. I didn't know what to do... was I a bad mother forcing my child to race at the tender age of 5? Dan and I agreed (mostly Dan, I was hot and ready to go too) he had to at least *try* the backstroke race. More tears, pouts and resistance, but he got in that pool and did his level best. We are so proud of him! Mom, Dad and Joey cheered him on and Mom rewarded him with money for a new toy which of course we picked out right after dinner (ANOTHER Transformer!). Mom also couldn't help commenting on my tears, "maybe you are one of those Moms who can't watch their kids compete, like Roger Federer's mom"... uhhhhhh, right Mom!

Today, he had dive practice and once again surprised and impressed us. He enjoys swimming and is growing physically and emotionally from this experience, and we are too! He is certainly an inspiration, enjoy these action shots.