Sunday, January 22, 2012

Winter 2011-2012

We have been having a lot of fun even with the holidays being over. We visited Mima and Pipa in NC the week after Christmas and had a lot of fun with the Colligan cousins. It was chilly but the beach was still fun to visit, and the New Year's Eve party was a blast!
Dominic, you are doing so well at T-ball and have told me and Daddy that you love the sport. You sure are handsome in your cap! You talked me into buying you some toys when we went shopping for Ryan's birthday, and you sure do make the train conductor uniform look amazing!!! You were playing in your Thomas the Train tent and whispering into your walkie talkie "looking for Big Foot" - you LOVE to watch that show with Daddy. We are excited for a fun spring with vacation and time with loved ones. You also had fun wearing your cowboy PJS to school for "Pajama Day" - OLOJ sure is a fun school!