Saturday, September 17, 2011

Friends and Notes

Here are some great photos of Dominic with his large circle of friends from school and life. My wish for him is to always have close amigas/amigos near him to have fun and offer one another support.

I also want to capture some thoughts for Dominic to read himself one day...

You are having a lot of fun at school this year and have really stepped up with show and tell each week! It started with the letter L and you took in some play lettuce. You remembered all your clues and had a super day! The following week you took in your stuffed turtle named Mint for the letter T. Next came feathers for the letter F, and this past week Nani helped you with your clues for an envelope to represent the letter E. Daddy was in NC all week visiting Mima and Pipa, and we sure missed him! Next week is the letter H and you want to take in a hotel, we will have to see how that goes!

You really loved showing off for Nani and Popee at Grandparent's Day , and you all had a BLAST!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy Fall!

Back to school already! Domi is at OLOJ for his third year and is already in Pre-K, time flies! He was awarded "Star Student of the Week" last week and we were so proud of him! We made a poster about everything he loves to do, and he took worry dolls to share with the class to talk about where his is from - Escuintla, Guatemala.

We are getting in the Halloween spirit and made this haunted house - very fun!