Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Party, Party, Party!

A few weeks ago we attended a friend's birthday party at the Arizona Country Club, it was very fun and Dominic had a great time. The weather was nice and Ed Chee the balloon artist was there. Domi was thrilled with his meticulously assembled Batman balloon souvenir! Here he is riding the barrel wagon.

Dan's parents came for a visit on Friday and will be with us until Thursday morning. We took advantage of their visit to celebrate our pooches 6th birthdays! My parents joined us for the celebration and I set a beautiful table if I say so myself. :)

We had to try a different pet bakery this year because Three Dog Bakery closed its doors during the recession. Bosco's Biscuits in Carefree did a pretty nice job although they use regular cake frosting and I don't like the idea of my fur babies eating sugar. Anyway, they loved the cake and there was plenty left over for them to eat all week long.

We were treated to dinner at our favorite restaurant The White Chocolate Grill. Great food, ambiance and trendy decor.