Thursday, December 30, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dominic's class had a Christmas Party on December 17th and I wisely took the day off to join in the fun. I laughed a lot that day, 3 year old children can be so bossy but also so adorable! I appreciate my lamb more than ever, he is so well behaved, is an excellent eater and doesn't complain about wearing his school uniform! ;)

Here is a picture of our pooches, Brody, Katie and Alfie, they had a great Christmas!

And of course, some pictures of our cherub for our Christmas cards - he really is so photogenic and handsome! :)
Here are some pictures of Christmas morning, Dominic was so excited to see what Santa brought him! I was excited for our Christmas morning tradition of eating orange glazed sweet rolls - mmmmmm, the whole house smelled heavenly! We also made some adorable reindeer cupcakes, I thought they turned out so cute!

It has been raining and very cold here in Scottsdale, AZ lately. It actually snowed today! Here is a picture of our back yard and you can just make out the snowflakes. Very unusual for us to see the snow in the desert but it was a nice change. :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Busy and Fun Holiday Season!

Well, we have been running at 100 mph having fun and enjoying the holiday season! On Friday we went to McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park to see the Christmas lights, it was a lot of fun and my parents joined us too. On Saturday I shopped during the day, then we met two local families with little ones from Guatemala for a tasty and fun Central American themed meal at Mi Comida, it was not too far from my parents house so they once again joined the fun. Afterward, we ran errands to get ready for Dominic's Christmas program at school this morning. Dominic performed great and we (me, Dan, my parents) were all so proud of him. After the show, we came home to enjoy Asparagus, Potato and Onion frittata that I made last night - delicious! On top of all of this we are wrapping up our dossier for Dominic's baby sister from Ethiopia. I look forward to my upcoming time off between Christmas and New Year for some much needed rest! :) Until then, we are soaking up the holiday Christmas spirit!