Saturday, August 28, 2010

School Starts Monday!

Wow, Domi is back to school on Monday at Our Lady of Joy. He will be going three days a week. Where did summer go?
He had a great time at Spanish Immersion Camp at the International School of Arizona and had a very cute performance on the last day where he danced and sang his little heart out. He learned all about Central America and GUATEMALA - hooray!

The first week of August we went on vacation. Dan's side of the family had a reunion at a family cottage on Coldwater Lake in Michigan. We flew in and out of Chicago and had a good time, Domi enjoyed playing with all his little Colligan cousins. He continues to take weekly swim lessons and loves the water - pool, lake, bath, whatever the source. He also thoroughly enjoyed spending time in the American Airlines Admirals Club while we waited for our flight to leave at O'Hare Airport. They had free snacks, a jumbo sized TV showing Sponge Bob and major jumbo sized blocks. Three cheers for benefits of having a Platinum American Express!

We are looking forward to a fun and exciting fall! Domi will start golf lessons, continue swimming and we plan to host our annual Halloween/Forever Day party in October. We also are looking forward to cooler weather!