Monday, March 29, 2010

Fun Spring Times!

The weather has been really glorious here in Scottsdale and we have had some fun times outdoors. Domi's school, Our Lady of Joy held their annual Spring Fling party a few weeks ago and had a snow slide, games with fun prizes (including live goldfish!), pizza and a cake walk. We had a great time and my parents joined in on the fun.

This past weekend was Domi's first soccer game. He did a great job and pretty much just jogged around with the rest of the little kids. It was a fun and spirited game! Aren't the kids so precious in their uniforms? My parents, three of my sisters and my nephew joined us and we celebrated afterwards with brunch at The Good Egg. Then that afternoon I took Domi to a birthday party in Chandler. We had a very full, happy and fun weekend!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Domi Starts Soccer!

Today was Domi's birthday, he is now officially 3 years old! So hard to believe, time goes by so quickly.

He started soccer today and had his first practice. I was surprised at how shy he was for the first half hour and made me hold his hand through the warm-up and drills. For the second half of practice I made Dan take over because it was kind of hot and I wasn't dressed for a workout! Dan was able to get him to loosen up and Domi finally had some fun. I think he will do really well this season. My parents joined us to cheer him on and he loved all the attention.

Afterward, we went to Los Olivos for a birthday dinner. Domi loves chicken and cheese quesadillas. He had a great birthday!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Fun Birthday Weekend!

We had a BLAST this weekend celebrating Domi's 3rd birthday party. On Saturday we had family over for a "make your own nachos" party and celebrated Dominic, my Mom and our three dogs (Brody, Alfie and Katie) birthdays. The weather was glorious and we ate outside - super nice to spend time with family.

On Sunday, we hosted 50 people at Skateland Chandler for a private party. We had the whole skating rink to ourselves and the kids rode their wagons, trikes, bikes and ride-ons. We had pizza and cake for lunch - everyone had a GREAT time!

Finally, here are some photos from Dominic's latest photo session for his 3rd birthday and Easter. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Wow, I can't believe I failed to post an update in February... oh well, we have been having fun. The last weekend in February we went to Atlanta, I had to be there for a conference and Dan and Domi joined me for a long weekend. We saw Dan's parents, brother, aunt and cousins, visited the Georgia Aquarium, visited with some old friends and did some shopping. It went TOO fast and we had so much fun! We bought an airplane safety harness for Domi so he was safe but the flight was long (almost 4 hours) and he got squirmy and grouchy. He also LOVED to use the bathroom on the airplane, so many little nooks engineered for tight quarters, it was a toddler explorer's wonderland. LOL!

Domi joined the National Youth sports soccer team and his first game is March 27. We are excited, he is a very coordinated little guy. He continues with weekly swim lessons and is doing so well, hard to believe he has been in those weekly lessons non-stop since the first week he came home in November 2008! He loves it and we see no reason to stop.

This weekend we have 2 birthday parties planned for our little angel. Saturday is a joint birthday party for my Mom, our pooches and Dominic at our house, and Sunday is a party just for Dominic at Skateland USA. The kiddies will ride their own "wheels" - trikes, wagons, ride-ons, whatever they have. It should be FUN! I CANNOT believe he is turning 3!!! He is just a sweet little bunny that blesses us every day with his charm, love and sense of humor! Happy Birthday to our darling little sweetheart! :)