Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pajama Day at School!

How cute are these angels? Today was pajama day at Domi's pre-school and it was the perfect day for it too, we are having some very nasty weather. We are ready for sunshine, especially the dogs and Domi!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Catching Up...

I am a little behind on posting, so here are some updates, stories and pictures to get caught up.

In mid-December Dominic performed in his school's Christmas program. His class (called Early Birds) did motions to a unique version of "Jingle Bells". Here he is shaking his bell, he is on the left end. He did a great job and we were so proud of him, he really is turning into such a big boy so quickly! We had a few accidents in our family that were quite stressful. A week before Christmas we took our three dogs to PetSmart for a regular grooming routine. They go in for grooming every 6-8 weeks, so this was no big deal. At least it wasn't supposed to be...
About an hour after Dan dropped them off they called to tell us Katie had been nicked and as a precaution they were taking her to their vet in the store. I was not happy and decided to go in and see her as I was sure she would be frightened. On my way out the door they called back and said they needed to put her under anesthesia to administer stitches! I was stunned and really anxious, obviously this was more than a "nick". I raced to the store and called our regular vet at Pima North Animal Hospital to consult with her too.

Once I got there I fell apart, Katie was a mess! She was shampooed with half her hair cut and half long, shivering and the wound was open and oozing. She was so helpless! I insisted that we take her to our regular vet who has put her under for dental cleanings every year, and PetSmart agreed to cover the cost of her care. Well, she had to have internal and external stitches and was put in a body stocking and Elizabethan collar. She was miserable and we had to take her back in twice because she pulled the stitches. Brody and Alfie were confused why they couldn't be near her and we were all stressed out! Thankfully she is fine now and once she healed we had her groomed at our vet, which we will do from now on. Here she is handling the situation like the dignified princess that she is!
OK, so we got over that mess and then on December 23 (Christmas Eve Eve), I was out shopping at Whole Foods when Dan called me and told me Dominic ran into the ottoman in his room and his eye was swollen shut. I kind of didn't believe it was really that bad because Dan is a very cautious person. So, I continued shopping and got home about an hour later.

Well, you think I fell apart over Katie, I became hysterical over Dominic! He looked like Rocky after a bad fight. He had scrapes under his right eye and it was completely swollen shut! Apparently Dan was trying to put him to bed and Domi resisted. So Dan made a game of it, saying "I'm gonna get you" and Domi took off running full steam ahead. When he got to his room he turned around to see how close Dan was and tripped and fell head first into the corner of the ottoman. We consulted with our pediatrician and agreed to ice the eye and monitor it over the next few days. We did take him in a few days later because he had also ruptured blood vessels in his eye and it was really red. Very scary but Domi was never in real pain and has since healed up perfectly. Here is a picture of his shiner. He too handled his injury with dignity and grace, and did not slow down for one minute!

My sister Diana and her family hosted a party on Christmas Eve, this has been a tradition for years. Here is a picture of Domi enjoying Santa's visit. Needless to say, Christmas morning at our house was lo-o-o-o-o-o-ng. Dan and I both have 4 siblings and the presents just kept coming. The very first present Domi saw was his new kitchen from my sister Letti, fully assembled and ready to go. It was hard to keep him moving and opening the other gifts. We started our own traditions last year and enjoyed orange cinnamon rolls for breakfast and roast turkey and vegetables for dinner. It was a relaxing and fun day.
My Mom is spending some time in Colorado with my sister Letti so we are spending more time with my Dad. Last weekend we went to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory, my Dad had never been there and really enjoyed his meal. Domi loves Popo and we had a nice meal on the patio.
Finally, one of Domi's Guatemala girlfriends had a birthday party this past Saturday at a fun park in Surprise. He had a BLAST and it was so great to see our friends with their angels from Guatemala. CR, Ellie and Lucas all went to celebrate with Xochitl. We had a lot of fun and Domi enjoyed the pinata. Afterward, we went to visit my Dad and took him out to eat again, this time at Olive Garden. It is becoming a fun Saturday tradition that we all enjoy. :) My Mom will be back soon, so she will join us too. This recession had really made us value our family and friends, they are what matter the most!