Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy Holiday Season!!!

Wow, time has been flying by and we have been swamped as usual! We hosted a great Halloween/Forever Day party at our house and had a blast with our friends. The custom cake by Arizona Cake Dreams ( stole the show! It featured a Guatemala blanket topped with 3-dimensional masks and the Guatemala flag. She also made worry dolls and a banner that said "Happy Forever Day Dominic". GORGEOUS AND DELICIOUS!!

We attended a Thanksgiving Feast at Domi's school and his teacher snapped this photo, this may be the CUTEST pilgrim in the history of the USA! :) That weekend we took the Grand Canyon Railway to the Polar Express! We rented the movie and watched it the week of our trip so Domi knew what to expect. He loves to play with trains, grab pieces of paper and say "Ticket Polar Express blew away!", he remembers the scene where the ticket has a journey of its own. He had a wonderful time and it was precious to see his eyes so wide with joy at the train approaching, and getting the bell from Santa.

We hosted my family for Thanksgiving, 11 people came over and we had a nice lunch. Yup, my family has always served at lunch, so the tradition continues. We went to Zoo Lights last week and loved the SRP light show set to Christmas music, so much fun! We will go to the Railroad Park soon and hopefully snow tubing in northern AZ soon too.

On Sunday Domi had his very 1st swim meet, it was so precious! He swam in Lane 1 and got a medal he was so proud of. :) My parents came and brought my nephew Joey, so we celebrated at Red Robin afterwards. Then we went Christmas shopping and let Domi pick a live Christmas tree just for his room (we have a large artificial tree in our living room). He is loving Christmas and really starting to understand who Santa is and how it all works, so much fun!

Here is the cover of our Christmas Card this year! ;) Happy Holidays everyone!