Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We have 3 parties to go to! One at Domi's swim school Aqua Safe, one at his regular school Our Lady of Joy and we are hosting a BIG party at our house on Saturday. Busy and fun times! Enjoy!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fun Fall Memories

Last weekend we visited Schnepf Farms in Queen Creek, AZ (www.schnepffarms.com/). It was about an hour away from our house and the weather was very nice so we enjoyed the drive with the moon roof open. Overall we had a pretty good time, there was a lot of deferred maintenance on the farm property so we are sure they are suffering from the recession like everyone else. Domi and I had our faces painted, we had a pretty good lunch at their restaurant, we rode the bumble bee rides, played on farm equipment, had a short hay ride and rode the train. It was a great way to kick off fall!

Several weeks ago we joined our friends for an Open House at the local My Gym franchise. Although Domi loves Elmo, he was not real happy to meet him. He did however love playing in all the apparatus, especially the ball bin.

Finally, here is a hilarious picture showing our little guy being naughty. He got the baby powder and went to town in his play room and the main hallway. The house smelled fresh, but it was a big mess to clean up!

Friday, October 2, 2009

New Teeth and Special Visitors at School

Domi came home from Guatemala with cavities on the front and back of his four top front teeth. We took him first to his pediatrician, then a pediatric dentist within a week of arriving home. His dentist (Dr. Julie Anfinson from Scottsdale Affiliated Pediatric Dentistry - so WONDERFUL!) advised us to get crowns on the teeth and to wait until he weighed about 30 pounds to better handle the medications they would administer. So, for the last year he has been to see her every 6-8 weeks for fluoride treatments and the cavities never progressed, but you could see them on his teeth, they looked like a brown line in the middle of those teeth.

So, on Tuesday he had the crowns put on and they look great! He was devastatingly handsome before, but now he is ***movie star*** material!

He did great during the procedure and has been just fine since then. I was out of town on a business trip so Dan handled this one on his own, but I made him call A LOT with updates. :)

On Thursday, Dan and I managed to hang out at school with Domi for a little while because the local fire station came by with a fire truck and ambulance for the children to see. Domi did not want to try handling the water hose, but did enjoy scrambling around the inside of the truck and ambulance. He also LOVED the souvenir hat and pencil they gave him. Aren't the children so precious in their uniforms?