Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy, happy day!

We completed the readoption process for Dominic today. He will now have a US birth certificate and social security card with the name we chose for him. My parents joined us for the court appointment and we celebrated at The White Chocolate Grill afterward for a very nice lunch! Dominic was rambunctious during the court session and we tried to hold him but he was so fidgety the judge said it would be alright if we put him down. Well, he took full advantage of that freedom and ran, skipped, climbed, talked and sang his heart out. Thankfully everyone was charmed by him and I was secretly pleased his happiness was evident. We are lucky, lucky people!

Here are some pictures from the day along with pictures from his most recent photo shoot, this child is a ham! :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cousin Danny's Birthday

Two weekends ago my nephew (and Godson) Danny turned 13 and we went to his house to celebrate. Notice the balloons in each of Dominic's hands, he is obsessed with "boons".

My sister has tracked both of her son's growth over the years and decided to measure Dominic too - he is already 34" tall! He was around 32 1/2" when he came home in November. He eats A LOT but may I say is a lean hunka munka! :) Enjoy!

Monday, July 20, 2009

More Summer Fun

Dominic is growing so fast and his speech is improving every day. His latest obsession is basketball and it's so cute because he says "ballbasket" instead of basketball. I was trying to correct him so I said "ball, basketball" and he repeated it like one long word "ballbasketball". So funny!

I am back to work and happy to be able to shop for non-necessities like toys for the little pookie. Here he is after a GREAT shopping day at Toys-R-Us, he got a push lawn mower (noisy!), new basketball hoop and new balls.

Whenever we go grocery shopping we must go to Fry's because of their little people car/shopping cart combo. Here he is enjoying the ride!

On Thursday we have our court date to complete our readoption for Dominic. We are excited and will definitely post more later this week. Of course he got a new outfit to celebrate this HUGE occasion and we took him to a photography studio to get some great shots. Be patient! ;)