Monday, June 1, 2009

Summertime Fun!

As usual, time is going by so quickly. I am still searching for my next career opportunity and loving the extra time I am spending with Dominic. He is such an incredible child and both Dan and I feel so blessed and happy that he is home with us. He is doing so well and is a very happy child.

We also feel blessed to have so many wonderful friends with children (many adopted abroad) that we socialize with on a regular basis. This past weekend, five families got together in Overgaard, AZ at the cabin of one of family. We had a very nice time and the weather was terrific most of the time. On Saturday we went to a lake for a picnic, it suddenly got very cold and then started pouring rain! Thankfully we had just finished eating lunch and we quickly gathered up our children and picnic stuff and headed back to the cabin. In the evening the weather cleared up and we had a bonfire and made smores. Yummers! Dominic had a blast and played and wrestled with our friend's 7 year old son. They were the only boys and had a ball together! Domi slept well Saturday night and napped the whole way home on Sunday (2.5 hours). Here are a few pictures from our super cool weekend at the cabin! :)