Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Parties, Easter & Vacation

We have been so busy as usual. We had 3 parties for Dominic's birthday plus he had a special breakfast that he was supposed to eat in bed but opted for his high chair. We treated him to dinner at Red Robin where he was thrilled to hold a "boon" (balloon) the whole night AND he ate a birthday sundae. He eats like a teenager and has the energy of five! LOL!

About a week after that we went to visit my sister and her family for a week in Colorado Springs, CO. They had a t-ball post and ball and you can tell he is a natural at bat! We had a wonderful visit and it was just I needed to get away from the search for a new career opportunity.

Our wonderful play group is filled with so many amazing families. The Baer family hosted an Easter party at the railroad park and all the kids had a blast!

The day before Easter we went to celebrate at Ava's birthday party. She is one of his girlfriends and such a beauty!

We hosted an Easter party for our family and Domi just loved the attention. On my side of the family we always make cascarones for Easter. Cascarones are made by cracking eggs open at just one end and emptying them for use, then washing them and letting them dry. Then you decorate and fill with colorful confetti. You cover the hole with glue and some tissue paper. They are a lot of work, but a lot of fun when you "crack" them on each other's heads and out comes all this beautiful confetti. Domi liked cracking more than getting them cracked on his head!