Friday, January 23, 2009

Play Room is Open for Business! :)

Here are some photos of Domi's play room. Decorated exclusively by Mommy and Daddy, with help from Aunt Toree. Believe me it HURT me and Dan both to give up our office space, but we managed to move my desk into the spare bedroom and his into our master. All is well!

This room was decorated with so much love! My sister Toree and I decorated Dominic's initials with a decoupage technique and used heavy duty glue to adhere them to the top of his toy box. We loved the way it came out and so far he has not pulled them off. I hand painted the mirrors and Dan drilled the wall mount hardware. For the framed art, I painstakingly hand cut characters from fabric I had (from the many, many 100 good wishes quilt exchanges I have done) and taped them to pretty scrapbook paper. Dan and I measured and put up the wall stickers together.

The furniture, frames and mirrors are from Ikea. The alphabet and number wall stickers are from a great on-line company called We have a lot of fun in that room and it helps a lot to have a home for his ever growing toy collection. ;)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yikes! 3 weeks since last post!

I don't have a GREAT excuse, but I'll offer two anyway:
  1. Our video camera went missing... we gave Dominic our office so he could have a play room separate from his bedroom. We had a lot of junk to sort through and Dan finally found it last night under a stack of legal sized papers... relief! The play room is WIP, I will post photos when it is complete.

  2. I went back to work on January 5. I have been working from home so that's a HUGE blessing, but still very busy nonetheless.

So, Domi continues to THRIVE. He goes to music and swim lessons each week. He and Dan are in a routine where they meet every Wednesday for a play date at the Railroad park, and once a week they go to the Phoenix Children's museum, and once a week they try something new. Last week they checked out Bounce U, and this week they went to the zoo (we had only been at night for Zoo Lights).

Dominic is very funny and usually is very easy going. Dan and I pray before every meal and Dominic imitates us, it is hilarious! He furrows his brow and clasps his hands together and mumbles quietly. So adorable! He babbles A LOT and can make some short sentences like "deedo off" - basically ordering the dogs off his high chair (yes, he can be bossy and a tattletale with them!), and he loves to scream "mama" even when he is in my arms. He also loves to scream "NO" when he doesn't want to stop playing for a diaper change. We laugh but also are using the time out technique, it works well.

Here are some photos from play time in the guest bedroom last night and from the zoo (thanks to Michele for sending these). I love the photo where it looks like he and Brody are having a pow wow... no doubt making plans to get in trouble. :)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

As usual, we have been so very busy having fun. We are so blessed to have many friends and family to spend fun times with! On the eve of Christmas Eve we went to the Railroad Park at night to see the lights - so worth the 1.5 hour wait! Dominic loved it!

On Christmas Eve, my family all got together (4 sisters and their families plus my parents) for a wonderful lunch, Christmas mass, family skits and gift exchange. You can see him banging on my brother-in-law's baby grand piano below and singing Christmas tumes. ;) Dominic was EXHAUSTED when we got home but still stayed up an hour past bedtime. He is the 7th grandchild for my parents and the youngest by 11 years, so OF COURSE EVERYONE paid a ton of attention to him! The photo below shows him with all his cousins on my side of the family. :) On Christmas morning we started a new tradition of having sticky cinnamon buns for breakfast and stayed in our jammies all day. Domi bounced from toy to toy and had a BLAST!

On Sunday, the 28th Dominic was baptized and it was such an emotional day for me. I DREAMED of the day and in JANUARY 2008 I picked his outfit, almost one year ago! I was so overcome with emotion and wanted to be present every moment, so I catered the formal dinner from AJ's and hired a server. It was worth every penny, we all enjoyed ourselves immensely (16 family members) and I LOVED using our fine china, the occasion warranted the HUGE celebration we produced. My sister Monica was in town from Colorado and is Domi's Godmother. Dan's brother Sean is his Godfather but could not make it to town, he is the father of 3 little ones and lives near Kansas City. I will remember that day so fondly my whole life!

Yesterday we met our dear friends the Call family for a play date at the Railroad park, and then went to our other dear friends the Renner family's house for New year's dinner. What a SUPER DAY! Today we met the Whitney family at their house for a play date with their son Ethan, who is also from Guatemala and 5 months older than Dominic. We are just having so much fun and LOVE socializing with all our friends, new and old. Domi is a BLESSING, we LOVE HIM!!! Here's to an AMAZING 2009! :)