Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Doing GREAT!

Domi slept great last night and woke up but didn´t cry. He also finally had a BM (I´ll spare you the details...) and is eating A LOT! He is so self sufficient and can feed himself and hold his own drinks. He has a lot of energy but also naps a lot in our arms - we fight over who gets to hold him. :) He is overall very calm with us and I am so grateful for all the visits we made over the last 18 months. Lucky number 7 as this is my 7th visit and I get to leave with my baby!!!

The lab has the DNA sample! We are so pleased. I also e-mailed the US Embassy in Guatemala to let them know that we are in the country and would like the earliest available appointment once they have the results. Please pray this happens next week so we can be home by November 7.

I think we are going to sight see a little bit, maybe go to Antigua on Friday. Domi is legally our son and I have his passport (super handsome photo, his hair was longer but has since been cut). I can´t wait to take Halloween photos too, I am using a disposable camera because I couldn´t get the battery and charger repaired or replaced here. :( I am working on it - be patient and I´ll post photos when I can.

P.S. Domi cries when Dan walks away - I am jealous...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Excellent Day - Great Update to Share...

The foster family brought Dominic to us this morning around 10:30a.m. and he smiled when he saw us, we were THRILLED! He is so precious, handsome as ever and has grown a lot! They were very upset during our visit, but we planned it so Dan walked away with Domi before they left. Domi cried very hard for about 20 minutes but let us hold him and comfort him. He then fell asleep for about an hour and a half and has been great since then.

We took him to get his required exit medical exam today and he was so well behaved, I was amazed! I was also SHOCKED that he sat in our driver´s car seat, I don´t think he has ever been in a car seat in his life but he loved it and was so calm. He was pretty funny when we took his Visa photos today, he was kind ofwhiny until the camera was on him then he snapped into Mr. Congeniality and gave a good grin. ;)

He refused dinner but drank a ton of whole milk and really warmed up tonight during playtime. Dan and I were both shocked at how mobile, strong and smart he is. He can walk up stairs alone with one foot on each step, he can throw and kick a soccer ball, he can place colored rings on a stand in order (biggest to smallest) and he has all his toys figured out already. He also talks a lot, we aren´t sure what he is saying but he knows what he wants and points until we get it right. :) We were surprised to hear he goes to sleep whenever he wants and was up until midnight last night playing at his foster family´s house! He is already asleep now, he may be up in the night to party...

The charger on our video camera appears to be broken so we will get a new battery or I guess buy a new camera - we simply CANNOT miss these photo opps!

P.S. The 2nd DNA sample is still NOT at the lab, but should be there tomorrow. We are tracking via Fed Ex.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

We are en route to Guatemala!

We are in Dallas on a layover, hanging out in the Admirals Club. We will see Dominic tomorrow and I know it will be very emotional for his beloved foster Mom Ruth and her family to say good-bye. I feel sad thinking it about too. How can we ever thank them sufficiently for raising our son for the last 19 months? They have been the ONLY ray of light in this journey and I pray they know how much their presence in our lives means to us, not just now but always.

We heard from our agency that Dominic was taken in for the 2nd DNA test on Wednesday. Of course we are skeptical because we have been led to believe this happened before when it didn't. I want to hear from the lab that they have the sample before I believe it! If we don't hear from them by Tuesday then we are taking Domi in ourselves and proceeding with Operation Bring Our Cherub Home (OBOCH). ;)

My darling parents are at our house watching the pooches. Our battery was dead on our video camera so I wasn't able to take their picture in their Halloween costumes. I will do that FOR SURE when we get back and have Domi in his costume too. We brought his with us along with special Halloween pajamas, so we will have great pics even though we will miss trick-or-treating this year.

I have so many emotions and feelings inside me right now... anxiety, fear, joy, relief, curiosity and amazement at the last 2 1/2 years that we have spent working on both the China and Guatemala adoptions. Sometimes I wonder if May 2006 was the last time I felt untainted if not mildly naive certainty and optimism that these adoptions would go as smooth as butta (butter with a Bostonian accent). I am just scarred now and definitely not as trusting as I used to be. All of the intense pain we have been through (hardest experience of my LIFE 10 times over!) has taken a toll.

However, I am a stronger person now than I have ever been. I have more clarity about what I want my life to look like, and most importantly, I know I will never take one moment of Motherhood for granted. It is the dream, the prize, the experience I have yearned for and it starts full-time tomorrow. I am ready, I am ready, I am READY! :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Shopping Cart Cover

I saw this neat company, KozyPal Shopping Cart Covers ( on my friend Donna's blog and thought it was awesome! I ordered this cover for Dominic, so he will be comfy and snuggly in shopping carts, park swings, restaurant high chairs, etc. Hope he loves it, I do and so does Dan, he helped me pick the fabric. :) We are both VERY EXCITED - we are going to have an actual child in the crib and not just a giant stuffed pony!!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008


Well, we have decided to go to Guatemala and work hard to complete the adoption as quickly as possible. We have been misled by our agency and unfortunately they have lost our trust, we just have to finish this on our own.

Contrary to what we were told, Dominic has not yet been taken in for the second DNA test, so we will take him ourselves on Monday. The results should be back at the US Embassy by the end of the week, and we will request our exit appointment ASAP. Our goal is to be home by November 7.

This is not the finish that I had in mind, but we have waited long enough, been patient long enough, and quite honestly sacrificed the joy of living long enough to not complete this adoption ASAP. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. We will send updates and pictures as much as possible. When we come home, we will have our angel! Step aside, we are on our way!

This picture shows how I feel now! :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Progress... New Projections...

Dominic was taken in for the second DNA test this morning. It will take about 7 - 10 days for the lab to get the sample, test it and return the results to the US Embassy in Guatemala. Once they get the results, they will notify of us our appointment within 7 - 10 days, and the actual appointment is 7 - 10 days after that. So, we are looking really tight for a return to the US by Halloween, but certainly by the first week of November! I can handle that!

By the way, Dan insisted that Dominic be a TIGER for Halloween, so here is his costume... should look ADORABLE against his beautiful dark skin. :) And YES, he will wear this costume even if we are in Guatemala!

Monday, October 6, 2008


Just heard from our agency - we go the new passport and the embassy approved our request for the 2nd DNA test. I am sending all the paperwork to the lab with payment overnight and the test should happen this week for sure. After the results are received around 7 days later, we should receive notice for our embassy appointment. He will be here by Halloween!!!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Surprise, surprise - Another Delay...

Just heard from our agency, when Domi's passport was presented to the embassy to schedule his second DNA test, his passport was rejected. There was a formatting error that they wouldn't accept, so now we are waiting for a new corrected passport.

Dan and I are going to sit down this weekend and discuss heading down to Guatemala anyway to see if we can move things along by being there. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. My faith in God is the only thing that is carrying me through these challenging times. As Dan always says, "We're going to get him, just be patient".