Friday, August 29, 2008

Disappointing News...

It is with a very heavy heart that I must share the latest update we received today from our agency. We have been told it will be at LEAST another 20 working days before we receive Dominic's new birth certificate. This is so unexpected as we have already been waiting over 9 weeks. It is very difficult to feel so close only to face delay after delay.

There is no good explanation for why this is happening, we are certainly not the only family in this position and indeed are further along than many others. Once we have that birth certificate, I am contemplating going to Guatemala to travel with our agency coordinator to complete Domi's second DNA test and final paperwork. It really should be just a few more weeks after receiving the BC that we are able to bring him home. We miss him so!

Holiday after holiday has passed with the prayer he would be here... Christmas 2007, his first birthday March 2008, Fourth of July 2008... now we are praying he is home by Halloween. Please keep our prayer with yours.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back to Shopping.... Bittersweet...

UGH! It's been over 9 weeks and still no birth certificate! We are pretty fed up and sad, but there is nothing we can do but be patient, so we are doing our best...

I had a BALL last weekend visiting my friends in Winston-Salem, NC and Atlanta, GA. It really lifted my spirits and brought back the good ol' days when I was a single lady in Atlanta. I had a good time! ;)

Now that I am back home, I have turned to shopping to keep my spirits up and prepare to bring Domi home. Here are the latest treasures I bought... FYI, Pottery Barn kids is having a tremendous SALE!!!! :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Domi's Mommy :)

I was just practicing how I will introduce myself to teachers, fellow parents, etc. Of course I will first say my name and then say "Domi's Mommy". How cute is that?

I miss my cherub - we have been waiting 8 weeks for his birth certificate. I have a feeling we will get it this week! I want him home at least a month before Halloween so we can take advantage of all the great seasonal stuff we need to do... apple and pumpkin picking, hay rides, Halloween parties, trick or treating as often and as many places as possible, and of course many, many photo ops in Halloween costumes (I am thinking he may need 2 costumes!).

Fall is my very favorite time of year. I like crock pot cooking and hope Domi like my homemade chili. It will be beautiful in Arizona in the fall, we'll have so much fun!

I am ready, Dan is ready, the pooches are not so ready... we are working with them but they are so cute when they're naughty. I know, I know, we have made them little self-entitled monsters so how will our children be raised? SPOILED!!!! So what???? :) I want my baby home!!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Update, Shower and Nursery

First of all, here is a brief update on our case. Our agency contacted us last Friday and asked us to immediately send a notarized copy of the first page of our passports. We submitted copies during the dossier process, but apparently this is a new requirement in order to get Dominic's birth certificate with our name on it. We hustled to our bank to get the notarized copies, and then hustled to FedEx to send them directly to Guatemala. We received confirmation they were received by our agency coordinator yesterday. We are hanging in there and hope we get the BC this week!

Secondly, on July 27 my Mom and two of my sisters that live nearby (Toree and Diana) hosted a baby shower for me at my house. It was SO MUCH FUN! :) Here are some pictures from the party. They MADE me wear the tiara that says "New Mom" - I loved it! :) We received so many thoughtful presents and felt very loved that day!!!

Finally, here a few nursery pictures... more to follow later in the week. My Mom made the bedspread hanging on the crib, seat cushion cover for the yellow chair and the pillows - so special! :) Enjoy!