Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Still Waiting for Birth Certificate...

I am trying not to be glum, but come on already! We passed the most important milestone by getting out of PGN and that was 4 long weeks ago. We are waiting for Domi's new birth certificate from Escuintla where he was born. I am READY to bring him home!!!!

On a super happy and fun note, his nursery is almost finished... just waiting on one final addition and then I will post pictures. May I just say... it is a masterpiece! :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Updates from Visit Trip #6

Wow, the week has flown by and we are tired. We finally got home late Tuesday night and I have worked a lot of hours since early Wednesday morning. Just a super busy time at work. Dan is already out of town again for a family reunion in North Carolina. I just couldn't make it this year, I am saving all my vacation for when we bring Dominic home.

We had a nice visit but I was surprised that our little cherub has a bit of an attitude already! He was teething and had constipation for a few days, and of course he is almost 17 months old and was missing his foster family, but he still showed signs of becoming a strong willed child. Here's what I mean:
  • Not interested in Mommy at all, clung to Daddy like a life preserver in the ocean. Once when I took him from Dan so he could have a break, Domi actually kicked me with both feet. I couldn't help but giggle, but I felt sad too because of everything he was going through.
  • Can walk like a pro, so steady, but simply insisted on being carried or pushed in the stroller at all times.
  • Refused to sit in a high chair for any meals. We had to feed him in our laps. At one point Dan held him and walked with him while I trailed behind hand feeding him lunch. It was hilarious and I swear Domi had a little smirk on his face too! :)

I am not at all alarmed by any of this, I love being a Mommy and actually see humor in this behavior. I know we have a long road to get him home and adjusted, but I have confidence he will adjust easily. It took him a few days but he does remember us and can completely relax with us too. All of the visits we have made will pay off, I just know it.

As for status on our case, we are waiting for a fresh birth certificate to be granted from Escuintla, the state where he was born. We should have it within the next 1 - 2 weeks. After that his passport will be issued with our family name and he will have a 2nd DNA test done. Once the test results are received we will get our appointment scheduled with the US Embassy in Guatemala for the FINAL step. I kind of can't believe it, I am actually going to be a Mom every day for the rest of my life. I have felt like I was leading a split life for so long now...

This year has been so painful and sad. There were many times I did not believe we would actually bring him home. I broke down in church many times. I just said to my Dad this week, "I haven't been myself for the last year" and he said "I know you haven't". I just pray and vow to be the very best mother I can be to Dominic every day of my life. He is a GIFT from God that I will cherish above all else.

Please continue to pray for the many, many families still struggling to bring their babies home. I will post our status as I get more news.