Sunday, February 24, 2008

Change in Fostering Plans

As you know, we have been planning for Dan to foster Dominic in Guatemala starting on March 1 until our case completes. However, after talking to our agency on Friday, and receiving feedback from other families, we have decided to delay our fostering plan until we are out PGN. We should be resubmitted to PGN no later than next week, but we will still be on the first reviewer's desk. I so desperately want to believe we will fly through, but that is just not a reality for many families right now and we are concerned we may have up to eight months or more to wait, there is just no telling. The most difficult part of fostering is that you cannot leave the hotel, and the hotel we have to stay at (it's on US soil) is not very child friendly - lots of concrete, stairs and very small grassy areas.

This is a sad and scary time for us, but we are still going for a visit on March 1. We have a big birthday celebration planned for Dominic on Sunday, March 2. Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Update on Our Case

I haven't posted in a little while because I have tried to avoid the day to day high drama roller coaster that is going on right now in Guatemala. We did indeed get a kick-out from PGN, but our agency told us it is soemthing minor and our attorney and coordinator have the paperwork ready to address the kick-out. However, we cannot have our case resubmitted to PGN until we receive a letter from the newly formed Central Authority (CA) stating we are registered with them. The deadline to register is February 12 and the CA has been fraught with chaos - at one point there were 2 CAs, then the forms were changed, then CA workers walked off the job. See what I mean by high drama?

Anyway, our agency told us we are registered but they were cocnerned about the level of detail the CA wanted on the new forms. They don't understand why the CA wants the birth parents information and are concerned they may reach out to the birth mothers to try and have them take the babies back. This seems like a far fetched concern to me, after all the birth mothers had to sign multiple documents, show up for DNA testing, social worker interviews and often (as in our case) sign documents AGAIN if there is a PGN kick-out. I pray we really are close to the end now, the process has been confusing and very scary at times.

I recently attended a conference at La Paloma resort in Tucson, AZ and one of the key note speakers was Congressman John Lewis from Georgia. I found him to be very inspirational and admire his work with civil rights. He spoke about the poverty and hardships he grew up with, yet he persevered and said no matter how difficult times may seem, always "keep your eyes on the prize". My prize is having my children home, so I too will persevere and never give up.