Sunday, December 30, 2007

The BEST Christmas Gift Ever...

GREAT NEWS!!! We received confirmation we are in the final stage of the adoption - Domi will be home soon! We have waited awhile to enter PGN (Guatemala adoption court) and found out just before we left yesterday that we are in! The average time a family waits while in PGN is 8 weeks - here's hoping that's what our wait will be. After that, a second DNA test on Domi and a short wait to be issued an embassy appointment... in total we are praying he will be home by March.

Domi made lots of friends on this visit... he LOVED his blue turtle that sang and danced to "Macarena". He also discovered his tongue and loved to stick it out all the time... we are so BLESSED to have this angel as our child. :) He is crawling like an expert and standing on his own. He has one tooth and several more emerging. He is a very happy baby and such an absolute joy!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas from Guatemala!

We are here safe and sound in Guatemala and loving every minute with our little Domino. He had a haircut and looks like a little boy now, but I had fun putting gel in and spiking it up a bit. He is VERY attached to me, I am THRILLED that my Thanksgiving visit paid off in spades. He is warming up to Dan too and is very snuggly.

He is a little shy with other children and doesn't like to share his toys very much, but we are working on that. He has three little girlfriends and several baby boy buddies that play with him. It was so sweet to see all the babies in their Christmas outfits, we took cute group photos. Domi was not happy in any of the pictures, he wanted Mama... I couldn't say no so I am the only parent in several of the shots!

More stories and photos via Snapfish to come!

Monday, December 17, 2007

5 Days!!!

I am getting VERY EXCITED!!! I can't wait to see my baby love again, and I am so happy that Dan will be with me. We will have a lovely week and I plan to cherish every moment. My hope is time flies this week! :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Early Christmas Gift!!!!

There is news today that Guatemala passed legislation today that will allow in process cases to complete under the current laws! We just need Guatemalan President Berger to sign off and we will be 100% relieved...

Saturday, December 8, 2007

We leave in 2 weeks!

We are very excited and blessed to spend our son's first Christmas with him. We are still uncertain when we will be able to bring him home, it is a painful and trying process; however, we try to never lose sight of how fortunate we are to have Dominic in our lives right now. He is an ANGEL, and not a moment goes by that I don't think about him. I really , really bonded with him over Thanksgiving, we missed Dan but the time was so intensely joyful. I even learned how to go to the bathroom holding him and using only one hand! I felt like a CHAMPION MOM! :)

Believe it or not, I am also very, very close to my pooches and have a heavy heart because Brody's birthday is December 26 and we will be away! He will be 3, and the last two years he had a big family birthday party on the 26th with lots of love, attention and gifts. My parents will be watching him, Alfie and Katie while we are away, so they will be in good hands. I just know my relationship with them will change once we have children, but my prayer is our children will become just as close to them as we are, and there will be even more love all around in our family. :) Thank God we have them to help with our wait for our human babies....