Saturday, October 27, 2007

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I am afraid I don't have good news to share. We still don't know what is going to happen with our adoption and we simply don't understand everything that is going on. I don't know what to believe - apparently UNICEF, the Joint Council on International Children's Services, and our very own US Government have all contributed to this nightmare. Our agency said an amendment would be voted on last week to allow in process adoptions to continue, but that vote didn't happen. Apparently it will happen after the elections in November. Who knows, seemingly not our agency!?!?

I am personally sickened that many agencies, including my own, are STILL accepting applications for new adoptions! How can this be if families like us already deep in the process (5 months plus) don't know if our adoptions will complete? I wrote my agency an e-mail using strong language (perhaps using words born from a state of extreme emotional distress) and questioned their current practice. The response I got back was that I was "attacking" the agency, and I was the only parent that took this stance. So frustrating and ludicrous!

I want answers, I want answers, I just want answers. Each day that goes I can't catch my breath at the thought that we may not get to bring our baby home. The pain has become so constant, it takes all my energy to keep it together in public. His nursery is empty, I don't even walk down that section of hallway anymore.