Friday, September 28, 2007


Dear Family and Friends, as you know we are in the middle of adopting a baby boy, Dominic Xavier, from Guatemala and are beside ourselves with fear and worry over the posting earlier this week on the US Government web site specific to Guatemala.

The posting indicates that Guatemala intends to stop international adoptions with any country that is not compliant with the Hague Convention by January 1, 2008. This implies that we, and many other families, will have our adoptions interrupted and the process will be delayed indefinitely.

We implore you to PLEASE HELP us find a way to prevent this from happening. Our son is six months old, and we have already visited him twice in Guatemala City. He is our child and our sincere and simple desire is to provide a loving, happy and healthy home for him. Our son needs to have a permanent routine as soon as possible to ensure he does not suffer from any development delays or emotional issues.

Please, please, please help us to complete our adoption and bring our son home safely. You can help by going on-line to sign this credible on-line petition to our government asking them to support in process cases to completion, and to work with the Guatemalan government to pass legislation that will keep international adoption as an option for the children of Guatemala.

This on-line petition was written by Hannah Wallace, president of Focus on Adoption--a US based group. She has been a wonderful advocate for adoption from Guatemala and is a credible person. Thank you for your help, we hope thousands of people sign so please forward to other caring people you may know. Here is the link:

We are blessed to have the love and support from all of you. We will keep you posted on our status.

Laura and Dan

Friday, September 14, 2007

Nursery Photos

WOW! The furniture is even more beautiful and larger than I remembered. Here are some sneak peek photos - we have a ways to go but you can kind of see the direction I am going - a sophisticated, whimsical Guatemala and Western theme. I am going to stain and paint a bookcase and the floating shelf with pegs (pictured below). The majority of these pieces will be stained to match the crib and dresser, but the insides will be painted a vibrant blue! Stay tuned...


I am BEYOND THRILLED to announce that we received our pre-approval from the US Embassy to enter PGN (Guatemala Court System). We only had to wait 42 days for this milestone and were expecting at least 60, so this is HUGE! Smile with me people! :)

On another note, I just (tried) to steam clean the carpet in the nursery. It was formerly my husband's office and now that the furniture is out I have come to realize it was also a "den" for the dogs. Those little monsters left their "mark" (literally) everywhere. UGH! My husband also seemed to manage to track in a lot of dirt and spill a lot of soda pop. We may end up changing it our if I can't get the worse parts covered with furniture. I'm thinking the room will really get trashed in Domi's toddler years, then we he is old enough to control himself we will replace with new carpet. ;) Can't wait for the crib and dresser to come later today!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Please Keep Us...

... in your thoughts and prayers. We parted with our baby son on Friday night. We were privileged to meet his foster Mom that evening. She is a loving and lovely woman, we are truly blessed that she is caring for our angel. It was such a peaceful transition for Dominic. Dan was hogging (oh I mean holding) him for about 30 minutes during our visit with her until I insisted that I get to hold him too before we returned him to her. Domi and I had fun, I held him in the air and blew on his chubby baby belly. He loves to laugh and smile and that sweet memory will forever be etched in my memory. He easily went into his foster mom's arms and did not cry at all. It was a comfort to see him calm and happy.

It's interesting that my passion for music has been rekindled by becoming a Mother. I found myself singing to Domi all the time. There is one song in particular that I enjoyed singing. It may appear to be an odd choice, and it is overall a sad song but the part about constant movement really applies to my son, he likes to be on the move whether it's rolling on the bed, strolling in the stroller or hitching a ride in the Baby Bjorn when Mommy and Daddy are walking. Anyway, here are the lyrics from "Baker Street" that I sang often to my baby - he seemed to like my voice. :)

But you know he'll always keep movin'
You know he's never gonna stop movin
Cus he's rollin'
He's the rollin' stone

The presidential and other political office elections were held today in Guatemala. There is so much uncertainty and disturbing rumors/predictions about what the outcome may hold for international adoptions. We are trying to stay strong and hold onto the precious memories of our son, and the belief he will be home with us one day soon.

We worked long and hard today preparing the nursery. Dan has moved into my office and his former office (which is a full size bedroom) will become the nursery. The crib and dresser are coming on Friday, and my Mom and I are buying the nursery fabric at Calico Corners on Saturday. My Mom is sewing all the custom bedding. I am excited and pray I will actually have the little guy enjoying his new digs by the end of the year. :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Celebrating "Firsts"

We have had the tremendous pleasure of celebrating some "firsts" with Dominic this week. I gave him his first haircut and saved the curls (see below), we watched him roll to the right for the first time, and sadly we watched him have his first little accident. Dan was carrying him in the Baby Bjorn facing out and was playing with another father and his 8 year old son. Dominic was loving it and laughing so hard. Then, the boy fell and both Dan and the father bent to help him and in doing so Domi and the man hit heads! What a scare, but he is just fine and feisty as ever. :)

I also managed to buy more treasures for my cherub - a doll, traditional Guatemala dress shirt and hand woven hat.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Joy and Sorrow

Well, we are still enjoying every precious moment with Dominic, but today was emotionally tough for me. Dominic is teething and fussing a lot. He also will not stay still when we try to change his diaper, and screams very passionately when we try to dress him. I never imagined the frustration and confusion I would feel as a parent. It is actually a helpless feeling that made me question my parenting skills. Dan reassured me this happens, and just let him scream when we do what we have to do. So much easier said than done! I had my little meltdown with tears, but am back on happy Mommy track for now.

One very funny story from today... Dominic was throwing his usual fit when we tried to change his outfit due to another leaky diaper! I finally told Dan lets just throw in the towel and put on his bath robe since it is so easy to put on. Turns out the robe was a little small and gaped in the middle, but we put it on anyway and strolled him around the hotel to calm him down. Well, he turned into the local celebrity and was nicknamed Little Hugh Hefner! I will share photos of that tomorrow, he even waved to the camera! It was hilarious!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Lovely Visit So Far....

We are AMAZED at how much Dominic has grown! He is longer, heavier and his hair is seriously past his shoulders in the back, it is very curly on the sides and has a serious mind of its own! Dominic is also extremely active and will not let us just snuggle with him for hours on end like he did before. He likes to be on the move. He can roll easily to the left and often does two rolls in a row to show off. ;) He can almost roll to the right. He can now lay on his stomach and lift his head and entire upper body way up while he kicks his feet. He will certainly be crawling soon! He is a very happy baby and only fusses when he is tired, hungry or needs a diaper change. Speaking of which...

Dan and I both have post traumatic stress disorder from what can only be described as a SCARY DIAPER EVENT!!! Let us just say we are stunned at how 6 ounces of formula on a five month old child can produce such a humongous and super stinky package in a diaper! Seriously, it was like a gremlin and kept showing up... on his onesie, on his pants, on his socks, in his hair, on the sheets, on the towels... AYAYYAYAYAY! We were like deers in the headlights and worked on the situation for a good 15 minutes before we felt like baby was clean and all soiled surfaces were banished to the laundry. Thank God they offer laundry services here!!!

We are really enjoying our time with our son, even the stinky parts!