Thursday, July 26, 2007

More Nursery Concept Photos

Here are some pictures of the rug I bought in Guatemala along with several of the fabrics for Dominic's room. Also pictured are the wooden letters previously shared - I mounted them in a shadow box on layered scrapbook paper that coordinated with the colors on the fabrics and the letters, then I bought raw wood trim and painted and cut it to create a fillet within the shadow box. I am very pleased with the results - not perfect but whimsical and made from LOVE. :) The "C" is still drying and hasn't been framed yet.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Nursery Design

I am getting really close to finishing the concept for Dominic's room. I have decided on fabrics I found at Calico Corners. I am having a toddler bedspread made (too warm in AZ for a filled comforter) and some coordinating pillows. We're not sure how old he will be when we bring him home and how long he will spend in a crib, so that's why I decided on a toddler's bedspread - we can drape it over the crib until it's time to actually use it. Most of this bedding is decorative anyway but SO FUN, and hopefully will become a keepsake for his children some day!
I scanned samples from the store and went to work in Power Point to develop these concept pictures. The bedspread is a vibrant tangerine colored fabric (much brighter in person!), I will have them make an inlay from this spicy Sunbrella fabric called Bravada Salsa - ole! Love the orange and red colors, plus the blue and yellow pinstripes (hard to see but they're there). The inlay will have a piping made of a blue fabric and the edges of the bedspread will have a matching border made of wide French Blue ribbon.

To bring in some interest and age appropriate fun, I found this adorable pony fabric with multi-colored horses. I will have just the two blue and yellow horses used as center pieces for pillows, the background will be the same fabric used as piping on the bedspread and the border around the ponies will be bright yellow ribbon.

Here is the whole concept pulled together. I will probably have another pillow made of the Bravada Salsa for use on the glider. I am hoping for a neutral beige Ultrasuede glider or rocker that we can move to our Master bedroom once our children are too old to be rocked (like in 20 years!). :)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Stationery for our Little Prince

Well, I like to believe I am a SMART Mommy and I know our Little Prince will have many, many royal subjects bestowing good wishes upon him, so I bought him some customized stationery to keep in touch! :) Adorable, huh?

Milestone Today!

We FINALLY received pre-approval today to proceed with the next step and this is a HUGE milestone! We are so happy and my spirits are soaring! :) I feel optimistic we will cover some major ground between now and our next visit in six weeks. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers, we CANNOT wait to bring our cherub home!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby!

Our cherub is four months old today and I do feel quite sad that we aren't together celebrating.

On a brighter note, we are headed back to Guatemala from August 31 to September 7. It should be another great visit and I PRAY that we will have crossed many milestones by then. So far, things are s-l-o-w and we are struggling not to go crazy and become pushy. What good will that do? No good whatsoever!

So, my darling baby, I am thinking of you on this special day and dreaming of the many, many birthdays we will share together. I promise to make each one special, just as you deserve for them to be!

Friday, July 13, 2007

More Nursery Inspiration

While we were shopping I spotted these colorful wooden letters and immediately envisioned having them framed and hung in the nursery. I LOVE our son's initials DXC, so I looked for those letters. Imagine my disappointment when I could not find a "D"! This happened in the middle of our shopping trip and our guide Luis told me to keep looking.

At the very last strip of stores I was feeling quite sad that I would not find a "D" and Luis told me he could get one at another market for me and bring it to the hotel. Of course I'm thinking this would turn into a $100 letter soon but I was game because I had such a vivid vision of what I wanted to do these letters... As I paid for the wooden masks and got ready to exit the last store, Luis told me my friend Jane had something to show me that would be "of interest" to me. I thought it was going to be a purse for her Mom because she had been looking all day, but I was wrong. Jane found a "D" - OH HAPPY DAY!!! Aren't these adorable???

18 Gifts

Wow, one week has passed since we said Adios to our angel. Thankfully we had a very busy week and were distracted by work and life in general. :) I met a sweet woman at the hotel in Guatemala and we snuck away for some shopping at the Mercado de Artisans one afternoon while our husbands got to babysit. She suggested I buy 18 gifts from Guatemala for our son to give him on each of his first 18 birthdays as a memento of his native land. I LOVED this idea and got a good head start with these treasures:

  • elephant mini-backpack (so cute for pre-school!)
  • hand made pool slippers
  • t-shirt of Guatemala from A to Z
  • wooden toy
  • wooden horse
  • hand woven book mark
  • picture frame

I can't wait to pull one of these gifts from hiding each year for the next 18 years to talk about his heritage and reminisce about our journey to bring him home. I have no doubt the pain and suffering we feel now will soon be a distant memory as soon as we are united and begin to celebrate our lives together!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cute Story

Cute StoryI was just remembering something really cute that happened while we were in Guatemala. I was grooming my baby after a bath and told him "You have stuff in your ears like Shrek" and my baby said "oh grrr". YES - he said "ogre" in baby language proving he is not only drop dead gorgeous, but also a GENIUS with a great SENSE OF HUMOR!!! :)

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Stolen Hearts

Well, we are back home after a very emotional yet satisfying visit to our little baby boy. We had a lovely week at La Casa Grande hotel in Guatemala City and enjoyed every moment with our child. We hope you have all enjoyed the many photos we have shared, we are clearly overjoyed and proud of our baby.

We were concerned on Thursday that he was getting sick. He had the sniffles and a mild cough. So, we called our Guatemala coordinator Cindy for help. She came right away and called the pediatrician and had medicine delivered to us. I knew nothing was seriously wrong with our son, but wanted his symptoms treated before they possibly developed into a flu or cold. I apologized to Cindy if we appeared to be alarmists, and she said "No need to apologize. You as a family have stolen my heart". I was so moved by her words I started crying. It really moved me that she could see how we were meant to be a family with our little son from Guatemala.

There is a lovely song by Dashboard Confessionals and the chorus is "You Have Stolen My Heart". I sang that to our son over and over, because that is exactly what happened in Guatemala. He stole our hearts and is keeping them with him until we return for another visit. While it was the most painful experience of my life to leave him behind, I choose to celebrate the miracle that he is in our life and is on his way to becoming our child legally. I choose to celebrate that we were blessed to spend an entire week with him 24/7 and got to know his big personality. I choose to celebrate that I will have a lifetime of loving this child that is the most special gift I have ever received.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Inspiration for the Nursery

A local woman who makes hand made goods comes to the hotel lobby every day and I picked up these treasures to serve as inspiration for the nursery, plus this gorgeous hand embroidered tshirt that he will grow into.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

"He Could Be an Elvis Impersonator..."

That is what my husband Dan said earlier today about our little angelic son. Too funny, but our baby does have a TON of hair and drop dead gorgeous looks too!

We are having such a wonderful time getting to know him, and feel so blessed to spend this full week with the little man. He loves to snuggle, eat, play with his piggy toy, walk in the Baby Bjorn and stroll in the stroller. He also likes to have his diaper changed and loves lotion rubbed on him and powder sprinkled on him. He is not yet fond of baths, so we compromised today with a sponge bath and he was a bit better with that approach.

Dan is such an amazing father and it warms my heart to see him with our baby. He has endless patience and such a healthy respect for an infants needs. Our baby just loves him and always has a smile ready for Papa. I have also bonded with our little angel and I get a big smile when I come back in the room after I have been away. There are no words to describe that feeling!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

We Are Here

Hi everyone, the keyboard is not the same as in the US so there may be some funky punctuation. Just ignore and read away...

We are here in beautiful Guatemala City and met our son yesterday. We arrived at the hotel around 3 p.m. and expected him at 3 p.m. too, so we were relieved when we called our local coordinator to learn she was about a half hour behind schedule. We waited and waited in the lobby with racing hearts every time a car drove up. I had seen a picture of our local coordinator so I recognized here when she finally did come around 5 p.m. I completely broke down with tears of joy and so much intense emotion. Our baby was so bundled up I couldnt see his face, but I awkwardly took him and just kissed him and hugged him and cried my eyes out. He is a little peanut with a VERY full head of unruly hair.

Dan and I slept very little the night before we left so we were quite exhausted but ready to try our hand at being Mama and Papa. After trial and error we figured out the cereal we were told him to give with every other bottle is too thick for the nipples, and he doesnt like the nipples on the bottles we brought with us. So, Dan went out by himself to buy new nipples, bottles and baby hair gel. I am not kidding when I say it is an issue, it gets in his face and eyes when he is eating. I tried to comb it back with gel but he just ends up looking like Albert Einstein in his prime, hee hee.

The Baby Bjorn is a God send and our son loves to be held and walked and fed while in the carrier. He is not fond of baths, but loves a good rub down with the Crabtree and Evelyn body products we brought with us. He takes about 2 naps a day for 20 minues and he slept about 6 hours straight last evening. We all feel more refreshed today and Dan and I are slowly gaining confidence. It was comical last night, neither us of felt we could do anything without help from the other. We hugged and kissed goodnight last night and told each other what a good job we are doing as new parents. IT DOES INDEED TAKE A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD.

The hotel is wonderful and the staff is AWESOME. I had to go downstairs at 11 p.m. to get some bottles washed and the housekeeping staff could not have been more friendly and kind. My Spanish is not what it should be, I understand about 80% of what is said to me and am resourceful when speaking but don't know tenses very well.

Anyway, we love our little angel and are having fun with him. He is training us on his likes and dislikes and we are eager students. More to come soon....