Friday, June 29, 2007


OK, it's 10:30 p.m. and we leave in 4 hours for the airport for our 5 a.m. flight. Who can sleep??? My parents are here at my house to watch the pooches while we are away so there's a ton of energy buzzing around. I am truly exhausted but am so grateful I have been so-o-o-o busy. It has been a nice distraction.

I sincerely want to THANK all of our amazing a supportive friends and family who have sent e-mails, phone calls, prayers and good wishes our way. I am sorry I have not been able to respond to everyone individually, but promise to do so once we return. I am overwhelmed with the love and support we have received.

I am getting really excited!! Is it possible to hold a baby non-stop for a week? I am going to try, and just let Dan snuggle once in awhile. ;) Love to you all, the next time you hear from me, we will be with our son!!!! :)

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dossier Done? Check, check!

I am quite emotional tonight and truly cannot wrap my head around what is about to unfold in our lives. Let me say that somehow my heart knows because it is swelling with love for our angelic baby boy.

I am almost done packing for him, and YES I will take many pictures in each and every of the 30 or so outfits he will be wearing while we are there. :) I am at least done shopping, Dan is off tomorrow and will get the last few things we need.

I am so HAPPY and RELIEVED that our dossier is officially done TODAY! I cannot thank my lovie friend Maria enough - you will not believe what happened...

Maria and her husband Andrew agreed to write Witness Statements for our dossier. These documents have to be notarized, certified and authenticated. Well, when I went to the Secretary of State yesterday to have a load of documents certified, the expiration date for the notary Maria used did not match the date in their database so she rejected that one document and told me it had to be redone! UGH! Maria was a TOTAL TROOPER and said "No problem, I will get it redone right away". So I met up with her last night to get the redone document only to find that the notary (different than before) wrote Maria's name instead of her own, crossed it out, initialed it and squeezed her name in place. Needless to say, it did not look clean and I have been warned that the Guatemala courts look down on messy documents. I scanned the document and called my agency for their advice - they said to have it redone again! I am not making this up! So, this morning I met Maria at her bank for the third document and the notary (different than before) accidentally stamped the document with his seal upside down!!! AYAYYAYA! He did some quick thinking, whited out the seal and ran a fresh copy that they both signed. SUCCESS!!! Is Maria a TRUE FRIEND or what? Major gift from us in her future. :)

Did I mention that we are advised not to wear shorts, denim or sweats in public areas? I'm thinking we will have some very spiffy pictures in our nice outfits. :) FYI, I will not be posting pictures from our visit, rather I will e-mail a private album for our friends, family and blog buddies viewing pleasure. ;)

P.S. I almost took pictures of all the clothes, toys, supplies and books we have for our baby, but then realized they will look even better in pictures WITH OUR BABY!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Well, we're moving full steam ahead with our plans. We are so-o-o-o-o busy shopping, packing, wrapping up our dossier, preparing for the DNA test and of course working full-time! I'm not complaining, just have to be a very smart time manager. ;)

OK, EXCELLENT news. We received notification today from USCIS that they have notified the US Consulate in China to send our paperwork to Guatemala. Also, our China I-171H is good enough for Guatemala to get the DNA test done, so that may happen next week. We have 15 documents to walk through the Secretary of State and Guatemala Consulate here in Phoenix tomorrow, then we will HAND DELIVER our completed dossier to our coordinator on Saturday.

We arrive in Guatemala City at 1:30 p.m. and will have our son at 3 p.m.! YEAH!!!!! Dan is so sweet, he bought a cap that says "Rookie Dad". I think we will fight over who gets to hold our baby more! :)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sweet Exhaustion and Missing Sock

I spent most of the day today with my Mom and sister Diana shopping for our trip. We found most of what we needed at Babies-R-Us but also went to Bath and Body Works and Target. We also had lunch at Ajo Al's. What a full and fun day!

I came home and started washing all the baby stuff with the special baby detergent my Mom told me to use. Dan and I sorted his clothing based on color and wash temperature and ended up with 5 little loads. Oh well, I suppose that is a day in the life of Mommyville. I was just folding another load and ended up with an extra sock! Already we have a missing sock and our child has not even worn them once yet! I hope it turns up in the next load.

I really am exhausted now, my weekend was very full and this week will fly by. We are six days away from meeting our baby and are filled with so many emotions - mostly happiness but also anxiety and fear! I swear when Dan and I were buying diapers (our agency told us to take some) we were like Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber. There are so many options but also not enough - for example, I wanted some overnight diapers then my Mom told me "He may not be sleeping through the night". Huh??? Oh yeah, he's 3 only months old!!!

Off I go to read the Chapter on "What to expect from your 3 month old" in the Child Development book my sister encouraged me to buy! I will have sweet dreams. :)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

More Nursery Options

Dan is not fond of the Sock Monkey theme (neither is my younger sister Toree), so I found some more options. What do you think?
This is "Siesta Fishes". The vibrant colors remind me of traditional Hispanic decor. I really like this one!

This is called "Safari Parade". LOVE the detail on the dust ruffle and the overall very tailored look.

This one is called "Jungle Walk". I like chocolate brown and look at the interesting dust ruffle.

This one is "Cosmo Baby" and looks very modern and sophisticated. Too sophisticated for a baby? Even my child? ;)The final one is called "Coco Baby" and combines chocolate brown and turquoise - GORGEOUS! But again, is it age appropriate? I could see these colors and fabrics in a living room...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

10 Days to Our Baby Boy!!

I am so-o-o-o excited and focused on our trip! Dan and I are researching our hearts out about Guatemala in general, tips for travelers, childhood development, adoption and bonding, etc. We are learning a lot but as my Mom says, "Your parental instincts will kick in and you'll be fine". We have to be fine because our baby is staying with us 24/7 at the hotel starting Saturday when we arrive! I don't think we will put him down for one second (except to change him)!

I have a list of items to pack from our agency and Dan, my Mom, my oldest sister Diana and I are going shopping on Sunday. On our agenda: Children's Place, Gymboree, Macy's, Build-A-Bear, Babies R Us and possibly Target. I keep asking my sister and Mom, "How many outfits will he need each day?". Of course I am hoping the answer will change to at least 5, but apparently if you use a bib at meal time they stay relatively clean. Doesn't matter, I will buy cute outfits and change him if only for photo opportunities!

Oh, you may be curious why Dan is tagging along with shopping? He is so excited too, and we are recording our voices in a custom teddy bear at Build-A-Bear. Dan said "He needs 4 stuffed animals, one with our voice and three with our dog's barks". He was serious too! We also have to buy a carrier, like a Baby Bjorn and I want to be sure we pick one we both feel comfortable in.

Ten days, I can barely wrap my head around this adventure! :)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Give me a G...

Give me a U
Give me a A
Give me a T
Give me a E
Give me a M
Give me a A
Give me a L
Give me a A

What's that spell? GUATEMALA!

We are going to Guatemala to visit our son for the first time from June 30 to July 7!!! WOW - we are excited, overwhelmed and so blessed to have this opportunity. I have been through every emotion - tears of joy, fear, anxiety, etc. We are over the moon and have our air travel booked, hotel reserved and are waiting on details from our agency. Our contact was in Guatemala this week and now is on vacation. She is back at work Monday morning and guess who will be up at 8 a.m. EST running through my growing list of questions.

I have found a Guatemala adoption support group through Yahoo and have spoken to a local family too. So, there is support our there, not as large locally as Families with Children from China, but we are networking slowly but surely.

I am on CLOUD 9 and even Jazzercise felt like a really fun time yesterday. :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

More News and Clothes (of course)...

Today we received two more pictures of our baby boy. What a handsome devil he is and he looks so healthy! His hair is to-die-for, thick, thick, thick and a little wavy. So hunky! :) I don't mean to be a tease, be patient with us and before you know it you will see him too!

Before I share my latest treasures for his wardrobe, and before you roll your eyes saying "More clothes?!?!?! This woman needs to get a L-I-F-E", let me say at least I am consistent and have learned to hunt for and find BARGAINS! :)

Look at these adorable his and her PJs (cupcakes and dinosaurs). I know our children probably won't wear them at the same time but I simply CANNOT buy something for one child and not the other! How did my parents do it with 5 daughters???

Monday, June 11, 2007

Surprises and Miracles!!!

I was so pleasantly surprised to receive a very thoughtful and generous package from my friend Ashley today. She is my buddy from my LID group for the China adoption and we recently met in Colorado. I cannot say enough about her kind and generous nature, she is a true treasure of a friend and I just LOVE everything she sent for our baby boy including an adorable onesie that is collared and preppy (PERFECT!), little lobster swim trunks (ADORABLE!), two pairs of baby socks (his first socks!) and a bath toy with a heat indicator that will keep our baby safe and comfortable in the bath. She also sent a very touching card for me and included the quote "Miracles happen on days just like today".

Indeed, there was a miracle of sorts today because I got another surprise - VIDEO of our baby boy. I cried and watched it a dozen times (it's only 11 seconds long). He is a mini Antonio Banderas and I am already worried about the girls chasing him. :) He is the MOST beautiful creature in the universe!

My final surprise is that we may get to visit him at the end of this month (June!). WOW! I am overwhelmed, happy and bursting with love. :) What a super duper and miraculous day!!!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Dossier Update and Another Outfit

We are making very good progress on our dossier! It is a very time consuming process but we are focused and driven, especially since we have already seen our little angel's face. Our agency liaison is in Guatemala right now spending time with our son and taking more pictures. I am hopeful we will be able to visit him this summer.

While I was out shopping yesterday I couldn't resist buying each of our babies a little outfit (check out our other blog too). Look at these cute olive cargo shorts and cute monkey t-shirt. Our little lamb will be looking good once I get him a matching visor, shades and little brown leather sandals. Be still my heart, he is a looker! :)

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Nursery Idea - Feedback Wanted...

Well, what do you think about this "Retro Sock Monkey" theme for our baby boy's nursery? I am thinking about using this as inspiration and will add my own touches with my Mom's help (she doesn't know it yet, hee, hee!). Leave me a comment with your thoughts...