Thursday, May 31, 2007

Good News and Bad News

I am finally back to 100% good health after that dreadful bout with some GI illness. So, I have really taken a deep dive into the Guatemala dossier process and have mixed feelings about what I have learned...

Bad news first - we have to REDO every part of the China dossier that could possibly be relevant. Guatemala likes "fresh" documents so it's back to ordering birth and marriage certificates, police clearance reports, etc. Our home study thankfully just needs an addendum to redirect to Guatemala.

The VERY GOOD NEWS is that there is Consulate for Guatemala right here in Phoenix and I have already had to visit to get our Power of Attorney expedited! This will make the authentication process very easy as it is a quick drive to downtown Phoenix. I am hoping (praying) we get our dossier turned in within 2 weeks!

I sent two Fed Ex packages to our agency today, it gets very hectic chasing pieces and parts and I learned about the local Consulate after I shipped off the first batch. Oh well, at least I was able to send blankets, pacifiers and a teething toy for our son. I so want to share more with everyone, but I want to be cautious. I promise soon we will review his beautiful photo and name (YES - we have agreed on his name!). :)

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Process

For those of you who are curious - here is a basic outline of the process we will go through to bring our son home:

  1. Complete the Dossier - Should be very fast for us as we can leverage a lot of what we have done for the China adoption
  2. Referral - Already Done! :)
  3. Dossier to Guatemala - Dossier goes through legalization and translation, social worker is assigned and completes study on mother and baby.
  4. DNA Process - Many legal steps but ultimately the DNA test proves the mother giving up her child is truly the biological mother
  5. FIRST TRIP TO MEET OUR SON! - We will both head to Guatemala to visit our son and show our intention together to adopt him and also simplify his U.S. citizenship by completing this step.
  6. After Family Court and DNA - Many more legal steps that involve the U.S. Embassy in Guatemala and the PGN (Procuraduria). This may take awhile as the PGN is very picky and known to "kick out" cases for curious reasons. Many prayers needed at this point - but when finished, our baby is coming home!
  8. Many, many post-placement reports - easy beans after all we have been through already! :)

Also want to note, this adoption is in no way a substitute for our China adoption, this is a blessed interim adoption and YES we realize we will likely have two babies in diapers at the same time! ;)

News, news, news!

OK, everyone remain seated... we have a REFERRAL! Yes, we are so blessed and fortunate to have connected with the right agency at the right time and we have a referral! We are not going to share more information at this time because we want to move further along in the process before we reveal his identity, but let's just say he is a looker with a huge smile and seemingly warm heart! I have been very ill the last three days with a serious GI virus, but am battling as best I can so I can polish off all necessary paperwork and keep the show on the road!

Believe it or not, we are still learning the whole process, it will take time but feel confident our agency will show us the way. In the meantime, I am doing what any waiting Mom does... stocking up on cute clothes. I found these treasures when I went shopping with my friend Ashley during my recent visit to the Colorado Springs area.

More information to come, please continue to send your good wishes and prayers our way as we work through the process and unite with our baby boy! Also, feel free to submit suggestions for names as we are once again stumped and can't seem to agree...

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Welcome and Shopping Fun!

Hi everyone, this blog is similar to our other blog, "Journey to Treasured Child"; but, it is different in one very important way. This blog will serve as a communications and documentary vehicle for our journey to our baby boy from Guatemala!!!

We just decided last week to move forward with this interim adoption while we wait for our baby from China. I can barely wrap my head around having 2 babies at some point in the near future. YOWZA! Life will become crazy busy and deliciously complicated - I cannot wait!

OK, so last weekend I went outlet shopping in Calbazon, CA with my girlfriend Donna and her friend Linda Marie. I raked in the bargains and bought many, many little outfits! I also found great deals at Babies-R-Us yesterday, so now our baby boy has over 40 outfits! How can that be if I have only been shopping twice? I am really having fun planning their wardrobes! ;)

We hope we will be home with our little boy within a year. We are working on names still for both our babies, it is such an important decision! We just sent in our official application and will sign the agency contract and complete our dossier as next steps. I will detail the process in my next post, it is VERY different that China's process.

Once again, we believe that God will send us the right children and we have opened our hearts and minds to the privilege of parenting two orphans. I hope they like dogs! :)

Here is the start of our boy's wardrobe...

Onesies - you can never have too many of these, right?

Somehow many of these outfits (khaki shorts, collared polo shirts) strongly resemble Dan's wardrobe...

Lots of overalls because they're a little boy classic!

This rugby shirt is exactly like one that Dan wears all the time in cold weather. Dan played rugby in college and in his head he is still that 20 year old star of the team. He was THRILLED that his little mini-me will have a matching rugby shirt - AYAYAYYA!